Sage’s Referral System – Earn Passive Income

At Sage, we believe advice dissemination is a critical aspect of all of our lives. Finding accurate and helpful information on the Internet when you need it is a daunting challenge. So how do you solve the problem?

We think you start by building a community of experts – ‘Sages’ – where the success of the Sages leads to the success of the site and vice versa. We believe Sages are the critical element to building a game-changing platform, and we will treat you as such. We believe that if we have the best experts, then we will be the first place people seek advice for their most important questions.

To this end, we’ve created a world-class revenue-sharing model that will help our Sages earn money in multiple ways. The breakdown of how you make money is shared in our How do I Earn Money? post. The referral system has been created to allow you to build out your own tree of passive income earning potential.

Get started by navigating to “My Profile” menu under your picture:

From there, you can navigate to “My Referrals” on the left hand menu and track the status of all your referrals.

  1. My Tree – This shows your existing referrals that have registered and are now answering questions, earning you money with each response.
  2. My Status – Status update of all the referrals you’ve sent out, who has received them, and who has registered using your referral link.
  3. Send Invitation – This is where you create an invitation and send it out to anyone you feel would make a great Sage.

If you run into any problems, please send us an e-mail at

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