Sage Launch Overview

Welcome to everyone! We are incredibly excited to launch Sage today. It has been a six-year journey to get to this point, and there were times I thought this would never happen. But here we are, launching our beta website to the public.

If you’re finding yourself here and wondering just exactly what Sage is, you can get an excellent overview by clicking the “What is Sage?” article. In the interest of brevity, at our very core, we are an advice platform or knowledge marketplace if you’re into a fancier term. We connect people who have questions (we call them Seekers) with people who can provide answers (Sages). We have both free public questions as well as paid private questions where you can get genuinely one on one personalized advice.

In the startup world, they call a beta launch like this “launching your MVP.” MVP is not the most valuable player as we hear in the sports world. It means “minimum viable product.” Sometimes your MVP is just a frame of what the end product should be. But other times, and in the case of Sage, it is a full-fledged working website featuring all the critical baseline functionality needed to make this thing go. And trust me when I say, we are ready to go!

Be that as it may, this is still our beta launch. We’ve created several mechanisms to submit feedback from e-mailing us at to using the sliding panel on the right side of every page to submit an experience rating and comments. PLEASE do submit comments, questions, thoughts, input, suggestions, just about anything else to us.

The only way we grow and make this platform an amazing experience for our users is through your feedback.

For now, please take a look at our overview video: